Friday, January 13, 2012

The Introduction

Hello, my name is Missy and I'm a cloth diaper addict!!

What started out as a journey to save money, be a little more "green" and try to cut back on products that use chemicals, has now become somewhat of an obsession.  I often (and I mean OFTEN) find myself giving long dialogues about the benefits of cloth diapers to people that probably couldn't care less.  I imagine they are thinking "ew, you touch poo" as their eyes glaze over halfway through my nearly perfected speech, but that doesn't stop me.  Imagine my excitement as I found out 3 of my pregnant friends are now thinking about cloth diapering.  I'm mainly writing this blog so I can keep my CD (cloth diaper) "discoveries" in one place.  Hopefully if will be helpful to friends of mine that are planning to (or even entertaining the thought of) CDing.

If you don't know me... the "diva" I'm referring to is my 3 yr old daughter Hailey.  The "dude" is my 4 month old son Trace.  I love to talk about them more than diapers so be prepared.  I hope I can make each one of you a CD convert and maybe share some other stuff along the way.  It won't always be roses (and most definitely won't always smell like them) but it will be fun!

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