Monday, January 16, 2012

Have you thought about Cloth Wipes?

I know you're on cloth overload about right now.  Feel free to message me on Facebook or if you need help with specific questions.  If I don't know the answer I will find someone who does.

Something I didn't think about until I got well into my cloth diaper purchases was cloth wipes.  Of course, if you're like me, you're thinking "geez, haven't I saved the planet I really need to add to my every growing laundry duties".  The truth is, cloth wipes will make your CD experience even easier.  You simply toss them right into the dirty diaper pail and wash / dry with your diapers.  Not convinced?  Let's do some pros and cons.


1.  Already wet so you don't have to use a solution
2.  Portable - only takes a second to throw a package in the diaper bag
3.  Disposable - don't have to worry about washing

1.  Chemicals - some wipes have chemicals that can dry out your babies skin
2.  More garbage
3.  Higher cost.  Even if you only use one a diaper change (not likely).  That's at the LEAST around 10 a day, 365 days a year which totals to 3,650.  It adds up.
4.  Harder to use if you are cloth diapering because you have to have a separate trash can and can't wrap them up in the diaper.

Cloth Wipes

1.  Easiest to use with CD's because you just toss them in the hamper with the diapers
2.  Cost effective.  You can buy a package of 20 for 6 dollars and reuse them until they fall apart OR you can buy cheap fabric (cotton, fleece, etc) and make your own.  They don't have to be pretty.
3.  Chemical Free
4.  No garbage

1.  Takes a little bit longer to use because you have to wet them or spray your little ones tush. (Though it's not always necessary especially if you have soft wipes). 
2.  Adds another handful of laundry.

Cheaper...Easier...count me in!!

Like I mentioned it is helpful to have a wipe solution (though I have heard of some people that simply use water).  Wipe solutions combine different baby friendly ingredients (such as lanolin, coconut oil, etc) and are fabulous for healthy baby bottoms.  If you want to use a solution there are several simple options.

A.  Buy a premade solution (such as Thirsties Booty Luster).  It can be expensive at around $10 a bottle but it lasts a LONG time and it's made with quality ingredients.

B.  Get a concentrated version (such as Baby Bits).  These come in larger packages of 50 for around 12 dollars.  You put one baby bit in a bottle of water, shake and use. 

C.  Make your own solution.  This can be great if your little one doesn't do well with fragrance or another ingredient that may come with a premade solution.  It can be a little expensive to buy all of the ingredients but it will last you a long time.  I'll cover some simple recipes in a future blog.

Up Next:  What you'll need to get started!  Hopefully i'll get it up tomorrow.

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